Care Instructions

How to care for your Lovedabead jewellery.

The Bamboo/Clay Polymer Range.

The bamboo beads have been carefully oiled to bring out the beautiful patterns and grains of the wood so if the necklace is immersed in water, the oil will come out of the bead and you will be left with a dullness effect on the wooden beads.

The clasps of the bamboo/clay polymer range uses vintage lucite. They are to be handled with care as they are a form of plastic. When opening and closing, line up the two openings of the clasps so there is little contact between the two clasps when fastening them.

The best way to clean the clay polymer beads can be cleaned with a baby wipes. Again the same care is to be taken with the seed/clay polymer range as the seeds are a natural material so repeated immersion in water is not recommended. 



Please keep in mind that all items in this shop are mostly handmade, and therefore some small imperfections may be present. 

Hopefully, you will, as I do, see any small imperfection as part of what makes a personally hand-made item unique. After all, we are, none of us, are perfect!