NGV- Victor and Rolf for kids

Brooke BennettComment

Summer has officially arrived in Melbourne. How hot is it?!!

Summer school holidays are my favourite and there's lots of activities to get involved. in. We love jumping on the train and heading into the city!

NGV seems to always have the best kids interactive craft spaces in the summer holidays and we were treated to a multimedia paper craft activity. We had the opportunity to make our own creative interpretations of a cuff, collar or decadent hat inspired by the wonderful fashion designers - Victor and Rolf.

My daughter loves to use scissors so she was in heaven. When you finish your creative piece you can head over to one of three dioramas to enjoy a little fashion shoot wearing your creations. 

Afterwards we headed out the back of the NGV to cool down in the 'CAR WASH'. A giant pink structure dangling ropes, plastic ribbons and mists of water spray from high above. 

Lots of fun!!!

Not recommended for children under 3 years old 

Keep cool!